Meet Your Apps

Mental Apps change unwanted thoughts.

Action Appsmodify behaviors.

Mood Apps boost

positive emotions.

Social Appsincrease “Social IQ” and networks.

Energy Apps manage resources so you can live up to your full potential.

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What are "Apps"?

Password for Your Mind:  The User-Friendly
Personal Upgrade

>​“Using mental Apps is like having a Swiss Army Knife for your brain. Brilliant!"

>“The case examples show how to use mental Passwords plus "Apps" to solve problems. It's self help for the 21st century!"

​>"I just used App F-Bomb... and it worked!"

You will discover a mental “Password” to unlock your inner programming. Your Password will trigger Apps - skills that help you reprogram yourself. This is the fun way to upgrade your life.


Password for Your Mind

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$3.99 (e-book)

$ 17.95 (colopaperback) 

Find Your Password,

Change Your World!