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 Dr. Jeffrey Pickens is a distinguished educator and researcher of Mental Health and Human Development. His training includes degrees in Neuroscience from University of Florida, a doctorate in Psychology from Florida International University, and Postdoctoral research at University of Miami School of Medicine. As a professor, he published many psychology articles, chapters, and books. 

Password for Your Mind:  The User-Friendly
Personal Upgrade

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Your mind works like a computer that runs programs. Discover your secret “Password" 
to unlock your mind and repair faulty programs!

This cutting edge mental technique shows how to discover a key to unlock your psyche. Passwords trigger '
Apps' - user-friendly hacks and skills that will upgrade your life!

>​“Using mental Apps is like having a Swiss Army Knife for your brain. Brilliant!"

>“The case examples show exactly how to use mental Passwords to solve problems. It's self help for the 21st century!"

​>"I just used my Apps, and it really worked!"