Many of us run faulty mental programs that cause social mistakes or block us from happiness and success. Don't let mental habits control you! Read the user friendly illustrated manual to discover your “Password” and upgrade your quality of life!

Vol. 2 - Relationships & Social Networks

A simple 2-step method: 

1) Take the interactive scans to discover your Password

This labels habits & reminds you of your goals.

2) Combine your Password with Apps

This step-by-step method improves thoughts, moods, behaviors and social skills. 

Fulfill Your True Potential!

Your mind is like an iceberg: Much is going on BELOW the Surface

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Passwords trigger Apps:

Your new mental skills:

Question: If I discover my Password - what's next?

ANSWER:   install​ Custom Apps

> Your mind, much like a computer, runs "programs." These programs (habits) run automatically BELOW THE SURFACE in the subconscious. 

> Your Password unlocks your mind to debug and upgrade faulty programs to upgrade your life!

Vol. 1 - Personal Upgrade

Upgrade to YOU 2.0

FRee your mind

boost your spirit

Enhance health

for Your Mind

Mental Apps delete negative thinking.
Action Apps modify behaviors.
Mood Apps boost Emotional IQ.
Social Appsimprove relationships.
​​Energy Apps manage time & resources.

Health Apps upgrade mind, body & spirit.

* Apps are NOT digital applications on your device - they are mental skills and hacks you will use to upgrade bad habits.