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Your mind is like an iceberg: Much is going on BELOW the Surface

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What's Your Password?

Customizable Apps

We take it for granted when walking or driving, that our autopilot programs keep track of pedestrians or traffic. As you read this, your mind automatically translates letters and words into meaningful sentences. We're unaware of subconscious mental processes that run automatically, on "Cruise-Control." Many people run faulty mental programs blocking us from happiness and success.  Don't let mental habits control you! Install a personal “Password” to unlock, DEBUG, and UPGRADE your quality of life!

> Picture your mind as running programs, much like a computer runs software. 

> These internal programs are your habits of thinking, feeling and acting.

> Habits are automatic, running on "Auto-Pilot" without your awareness, in your subconscious mind.

>A Password lets you unlock these Auto-Pilot habits, so you can debug and upgrade your programming!

Password for Your Mind will show you how to use Passwords to delete faulty inner programs, and trigger Apps​ to upgrade!.

Launching Apps

- Mental Apps delete unwanted thoughts

-Action Apps change your behavior

- ​Mood Appsboost positive emotions.
- Social Appsincrease Social IQ, improve networks, and defend against toxic peripherals who hack your emotions.
-Energy Apps manage resources, so that you can truly live up to your full potential.

Health Apps - upgrade your mind, body and spirit!